IDANCECAMP is a real intensive summer camp dedicated to urban dance. Dancers will follow a brisk pace of classes, meetings and cultural exchange, in order to feed and increase their techniques, styles and knowledge about a discipline increasingly known WORLDWIDE. The event take place every year in July in Italy.

IDANCECAMP is one of the most important european events about hiphop dance and IT MAKES available to dancers the best choreographers from all over the world. In the past years we had: Brian Puspos (USA),Ian Eastwood (USA),Jun Quemado (USA),Bam Martin (USA), Duc Anh Tran (HU), Zacc Milne (IRL), Dylan Mayoral (UK), Quick Crew (NOR), S**t Kingz(JAP), Parris Goebel (NZ), Vinh Nguyen (USA), Pat Cruz (USA), and many more.

To make it more interesting and challenging, Bounce Factory launches this year the SOLO CONTEST: “From student to Teacher”. During the 12-DAYS EVENT, IDANCECAMP TEACHERS WILL SELECT EACH DAY THE MOST DESERVING DANCER, AND ON JULY 20th THESE DANCERS WILL CHALLENGE EACH OTHER in a choreographic solo contest. The winner will have the opportunity to teach beside international choreographer in iDanceCamp next year.